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Debian available as tarballs?


I'd like to get a copy of the latest stable Debian files as tarball. I
have found and downloaded base2_2.tgz, which seems like what I want, but I
do not see one for anything newer.

Is there a reason for this? All of the docs about alternate methods of
installation presume way too much: I neither care to use an x86 nor do I
have physical access to the machine I'd like these files for. I simply
wish to get an m68k Debian installation into a directory on a NetBSD

Does anyone have an idea about why this is, whether it should change,
and/or how to extract the .deb files without using some precompiled x86

My goal is to set up and test m68k Linux ABI emulation under NetBSD, and
to make a pkgsrc package for installation of the necessary Debian files.
While I could always create a tarball and host it myself, I'd rather see
one which comes directly from Debian.

John Klos
Sixgirls Computing Labs

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