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Re: [cts@debian.org: Re: Installing build-dependencies for plplot]

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 11:03:56PM +0200, Erik C.J. Laan wrote:
> Because of harddisk-troubles I haven't had a working Linux/Mac68k
> installation since before woody's release. Potato with 2.2.20 kernel
> used to work. The latest I heard is 2.4.x kernels aren't working, and
> not much development work is being done because less than 4
> kernel-hackers are doing anything. Actually closer to only 1
> kernel-hacker for mac68k I think: Ray Knight, and he is maintaining
> 2.2.x mainly (IIRC).
> If I get my harddisk(s) working I'll try the kernel-images mentioned,
> but don't hold your breath.

If you want to test it on a mac, forget it, I tried that myself. Doesn't
work, the latest one didn't build, guess I forgot something in the patch, so
there is not yet an updated mac image (all others built though), and I know
the first one does not boot on my Mac Quadra840AV, and probavbly all other
macs. Thanks for the offer though.

BTW I am about to order a bunch of 18GB SCSI disks for the debian machines.
There might be some left, or I could just give you the webpage...


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