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[cts@debian.org: Re: Installing build-dependencies for plplot]

m68k fols,

The problem reported below seems to be very weird.  I will wait your
feedback before filing a bug report.


----- Forwarded message from "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org> -----

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:31:17 -0400
From: "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org>
To: Rafael Laboissiere <laboissiere@psy.mpg.de>, m68k-build@nocrew.org
Subject: Re: Installing build-dependencies for plplot
Message-ID: <20030617133117.GA17652@gleep.home>

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 07:47:25AM +0200, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> * Rafael Laboissiere <laboissiere@psy.mpg.de> [2003-06-16 19:32]:
> > I am right now trying to compile the package on crest and, apprently, the
> > build-dependencies have been installed.  Thanks.  I am just wondering why
> > they did not drop me a note...
> The build fails on m68k/unstable and the culprit is tclsh.  Could you please
> confirm to me that /usr/bin/tclsh8.4 segfaults on m68k/unstable?  It does it
> so violently that gdb and strace are of no help here.  Also,

Starting program: /usr/bin/tclsh8.4 
(no debugging symbols found)...(no debugging symbols found)...
(no debugging symbols found)...[New Thread 16384 (LWP 31682)]
(no debugging symbols found)...
(no debugging symbols found)...(no debugging symbols found)...Segmentation fault

I guess it would have to be rebuilt with debugging info to produce something

> /usr/bin/tclsh8.3 fials strangely, but at least gdb can produce some
> backtracing results.
> Who should I contact about this problem?  The m68k-crew, or should I simply
> fill a bug report against tcl8.4?

Just tell the m68k people and file a bug I would say.


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