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Re: Mac Linux Boot Problem

Benzo Harris wrote:
    I'm working with Debian 2.2 on a Quadra 900, and I'm using penguin
booter 18.2. I've followed your instructions word for word, and when I boot,
I get a black screen with the last line being ABCFGHIJ. Then the thing just
sits there. I've looked all over the site, and I can't figure out why this
is doing this. I was hoping you might have some insight to offer.

Using a kernel 2.2.20 or higher with the commandline option:

mac53c9x=2,0 (Q900/Q950)


mac53c9x=1,0 (other machines)

disables the SCSI reselect functions, which sometimes gives troubles with more than 1 SCSI device.

Also see if you can connect a serial cable to a terminal or other PC and enable serial output. This will show you the kernel-messages generated before the (graphical) console frame-buffer is started.

HTH, Erik
Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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