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Re: Mac Quadra 700: known problem w/ Ethernet ?

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 10:34, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> Hi,
> I have here one Q700 and one ci. The ci machine works flawlessly (Asante
> Ethernet card). Plug the same hard disk into the Q700, however, and the
> machine sends Ethernet packets with corrupted checksums.
> It's always the same error; for instance, I can resolve ftp.us.debian.org,
> but not security.debian.org. That was kindof difficult to debug at first.  :-/
> The error pattern changes depending on which slot the card is in.
> The internal AAUI Ethernet also acts up; I get "receiver overrun" errors
> and a hung machine as soon as I enable it and packets arrive.
> Is this a known problem, or should I assume that the machine is fried?
Are you using the same cable and hub/switch with both systems?  Some of
the Asante cards won't work properly with a 10/100 switch.  If you're
using the same cable and hub/switch I'd suspect the Q700.  Does the Q700
have any other NuBus cards?  It's possible a bad NuBus card is creating
interference on the bus.  

As for the "receiver overrun" errors on the AAUI port this is a common
problem with the Sonic driver and on-board Sonic Ethernet.  I've tried
to resolve the problem, but my attempts only seemed to make it worse.
Traffic on the Ethernet segment seems to have some effect on this (i.e.
a quieter segment has less problems. It could probably be corrected if
we could get some documentation from Apple (I'll hold my breath!).


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