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Re: serial printing working on m68k yet?

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 07:24:37PM +0100, Branden Faulls wrote:
> I have been searching high and low and have found many references to 
> printers not cooperating with Linux running on m68k kit. Most of these 
> postings are quite old, so I'm hopeful...
> Has any progress been made to getting serial printers working with m68k 
> boxes?

Based on what I remember of this, the real problem is that the serial
driver on 68k Macs isn't reliable at high speeds. It tends to drop
characters sometimes if you run at the edge of the performance of
the machine. Generally the printer will require a particular speed,
and often times it's one thats too fast to run properly. Other than
that, any printer that runs in Linux at all should work.

	Brad Boyer

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