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oferta współpracy Bug#321797: marked as done (RFP: ogmrip -- DVD ripping and encoding application) Bug#330203: marked as done (ITP: php-propel-runtime -- runtime component of the Propel PHP object persistence layer) Bug#361954: ossec-hids: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#419334: Adopting cdtool, co-maintainers very welcome! Bug#436792: status of ganttproject packaging Bug#442363: php-db-dataobject: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#454456: marked as done (ITA: -- Tool for inspecting the contents of a compressed archive) Bug#469982: cl-trivial-garbage has been pacakged Bug#482615: marked as done (RFP: octave-tcl-octave -- socket implementation of a tcl-octave connection) Bug#502063: marked as done (RFP: conmux -- A abstracted console multiplexor) Bug#511715: Latarki , Lornetki ,Noże Bug#521391: O: ifrench -- The French dictionary for ispell (Hydro-Quebec version) Bug#538067: status of the OpenCPN package? Bug#539944: RFH: logcheck -- mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator Bug#547107: marked as done (O: radiusclient -- /bin/login replacement which uses the RADIUS protocol for authentication) Bug#549409: status of CoinMP ITP? Bug#557671: I do not unstsnd what going on pleas sent a emsil that subj. Bug#560004: lxdm 0.5.0 Bug#566381: podracer: changing from ITA to O Bug#573999: marked as done (ITP: libisds -- Library for accessing the Czech Data Boxes) Bug#586412: marked as done (RFA: primaxscan -- Primax Colorado Direct scanner software) Bug#586413: Tightvnc Debian Packages Bug#590180: what's the state here? Bug#596469: marked as done (ITP: javamail -- reference implementation of the JavaMail API) Bug#599924: Package now in NEW Bug#612615: == GOOD NEWS Bug#613016: ITP: phpunit-dbunit -- DbUnit port for PHP/PHPUnit Bug#617296: Any Progress with RStudio? Bug#630761: (no subject) Bug#633931: Lets get this in.. Bug#640277: marked as done (RFP: torflow -- Tor Network Analysis Toolkit) Bug#642282: libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#645513: marked as done (ITP: cppreference-doc -- A C/C++ reference manual) Bug#648256: Steping down as cherokee co-manintainer Bug#649603: Aw: RFS: splash -- visualisation tool astrophysics stuff [ITP] Bug#649603: RFS: splash -- visualisation tool astrophysics stuff [ITP] Bug#650394: [Pkg-tigervnc-devel] Bug#650394: updated packages available Bug#650394: [Pkg-tigervnc-devel] updated packages available Bug#650394: updated packages available Bug#651170: marked as done (ITP: pyxb -- Python XML Schema Bindings) Bug#654924: Good day. Bug#655260: marked as done (ITA: tkgate -- Event driven digital circuit simulator with Tcl/Tk) Bug#656665: gpivtools: diff for NMU version 0.6.0-3.1 Bug#656665: marked as done (ITP: globalplatform -- library to handle communication with GlobalPlatform cards) Bug#657405: Info received (subscribe) Bug#657405: installing on wheezy Bug#657405: subscribe Bug#658774: marked as done (O: openhackware -- OpenFirmware emulator for PowerPC) Bug#661779: nodeunit/tap dependencies Bug#662954: marked as done (ITP: shc -- creates a stripped binary executable version of the script) Bug#664098: marked as done (ITA: wmrack -- Combined CD Player + Mixer designed for WindowMaker) Bug#664742: RFP: photoshow -- A free Web Gallery for your server Bug#668596: Fwd: Re: iRODS in Debian Bug#668596: irods: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#670701: marked as done (ITP: libbitcoin -- Bitcoin C++ library) Bug#672581: feincms-elephantblog: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#673945: marked as done (O: bkhive -- Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP system hive) Bug#674873: gnurobots progress Bug#674873: gnurobots upload ready Bug#674873: marked as done (ITA: gnurobots -- Program a robot to explore a world) Bug#674882: marked as done (ITA: libircclient -- C library to create IRC clients) Bug#674882: Noowner libircclient Bug#676535: marked as done (O: rbbr -- a browser for Ruby classes and documentation) Bug#680352: marked as done (ITP: conquest-dicom-server -- ConQuest DICOM Server) Bug#683746: marked as done (ITP: rspamd -- fast spam filtering system) Bug#683746: Review of debian/copyright for rspamd Bug#685575: opentracker debian folder passes lintian Bug#685575: opentracker ipv4 vs ipv6 package names Bug#685575: PPA for opentracker Bug#686447: [zfs-discuss] Re: Licence issues and non-issues with ZoL: CDDL and GPL Bug#686447: Licence issues and non-issues with ZoL: CDDL and GPL Bug#686447: Licence issues and non-issues with ZoL: CDDL and GPL (was: Re: [zfs-discuss] [Pkg-zfsonlinux-devel] zfs-linux_0.6.2-1_amd64.changes REJECTED) Bug#686447: Review of debian/copyright for zfs-linux Bug#688541: fixed in libantlr3c 3.2-3 Bug#688541: marked as done (O: libantlr3c -- ANTLR v3 parser generator C runtime [development files]) Bug#691819: marked as done (ITA: -- Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep) Bug#691823: marked as done (ITA: wmhdplop -- hard drive activity monitor dockapp) Bug#691825: marked as done (ITA: -- A collection of grid-based board games for GNUstep) Bug#691832: marked as done (ITA: -- Audio mixer for GNUstep) Bug#693230: ITA update Bug#693834: marked as done (RFP: metview -- Interactive data visualization and analysis environment) Bug#694591: marked as done (ITP: css2xslfo -- XML+CSS2 to XSL-FO converter) Bug#694705: marked as done (RFP: ruby-sdoc -- rdoc generator html with javascript search index) Bug#694730: libsass status Bug#694990: marked as done (ITA: sandboxgamemaker -- 3D game maker and 3D game) Bug#695126: New maintainer offer Bug#695712: marked as done (ITP: smtpprox-loopprevent -- Transparent SMTP proxy to prevent mail forwarding loops) Bug#695713: marked as done (ITP: smtpprox -- trivial transparent SMTP proxy) Bug#698238: marked as done (RFP: viva -- Trace Visualization Tool) Bug#699123: marked as done (ITP: python-sh -- Python subprocess interface) Bug#699123: python-sh is in NEW Bug#700553: marked as done (O: python-pysearch -- Python module for the Yahoo Search Web Service) Bug#700883: marked as done (ITA: ncmpcpp -- ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)) Bug#701962: Upload of libsodium Bug#703226: ITP patchwork Bug#703226: reassign ITP patchwork Bug#705212: Processed: RFP: chinese-checkers -- Multiplayer implementation of the chinese checkers game Bug#705758: Bug#707691: On mentors Bug#707781: What is the status of this ITP? Can I try to package it? Bug#708545: marked as done (ITA: python-xmp-toolkit -- Python library for XMP metadata) Bug#710394: marked as done (ITP: javamail -- JavaMail API reference implementation) Bug#711471: RFP --> ITP Bug#711900: marked as done (ITP: ruby-font-awesome-rails -- A gem that offers the Font-Awesome web fonts and stylesheets as a Rails engine for use with the asset pipeline.) Bug#712821: ITP: libtiger -- Kate rendering library Bug#712830: ITP: dump1090 -- simple Mode S decoder for RTLSDR devices Bug#714454: polyphone: changing back from ITP to RFP Bug#714623: hunspell-bo: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#714747: marked as done (ITA: wmitime -- clock dock app showing time and internet time) Bug#714999: marked as done (ITP: ldraw-parts -- LDraw LEGO(R) parts library) Bug#716768: RFA: openexr -- command-line tools and docs for the OpenEXR image format Bug#716870: marked as done (O: fbdesk -- desktop icons for window managers) Bug#717384: python-affinity: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#717934: sipgrep: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718022: Do not package bind10 Bug#718022: marked as done (ITP: bind10 -- Internet Domain Name Server) Bug#718034: ruby-rkerberos: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718228: qpress: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718236: janest-core-extended: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718237: async: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718238: async-core: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718239: async-unix: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718240: async-extra: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718273: go-fuse: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718301: fedora-liveusb-creator: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718580: RFP: mayan -- Django-based Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Bug#718607: ruby-sys-admin: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718642: fr24feed: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718648: ruby-dbi-dbrc: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718775: clojurehelper: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718885: plasma-widget-bitcoin-chart: changing from ITP to RFP Bug#718936: node-dateformat debian package Bug#719624: xrdp 0.8.0 does not work after a reboot Bug#719719: marked as done (ITP: bind10 -- ISC's Internet Domain Name Server) Bug#719887: ITP: python-pypdf2 -- A Pure-Python library built as a Bug#720529: marked as done (ITP: pyresample -- Resampling of remote sensing data in Python) Bug#720969: merging lm4tools ITP bugs Bug#721245: marked as done (ITP: libtext-diff-html-perl -- Format Text::Diff output in (X)HTML+CSS) Bug#722451: Adoption Bug#723736: I would like to maintain lintian4python Bug#726415: marked as done (ITP: libdata-hal-perl -- module implementing the Hypertext Application Language data format) Bug#726486: debian package Bug#726764: marked as done (ITP: libanyevent-http-scopedclient-perl -- Yet another AnyEvent::HTTP based client) Bug#728723: marked as done (ITP: simbody -- Open-source toolkit for simulation of articulated mechanisms) Bug#728867: marked as done (ITA: penguin-command -- clone of "Missile Command" game) Bug#729203: [recentering] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian Bug#729203: Latarki , Lornetki ,Noże Bug#729203: Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian Bug#729221: marked as done (ITP: 3dldf -- three-dimensional drawing with MetaPost output) Bug#730786: marked as done (ITP: libcatalyst-actionrole-checktrailingslash-perl -- Test URI path for trailing slash and redirect if needed) Bug#730791: marked as done (ITP: libjson-pointer-perl -- Perl implementation of JSON Pointer) Bug#730794: marked as done (ITP: libcatalyst-plugin-enablemiddleware-perl -- Enable Plack Middleware via Configuration) Bug#731070: RFP: PySDL2 -- Python wrapper around SDL2 using ctypes Bug#731975: python3-pyelliptic uploaded to mentors Bug#732204: marked as done (ITP: xsom -- XML Schema Object Model Java library) Bug#732302: marked as done (ITP: qpid-proton -- A high performance, lightweight messaging library) Bug#733053: RFP python-iptables Bug#734316: ITP: gap-float -- multi-precision floating-point computation for GAP Bug#734316: TP: gap-float -- multi-precision floating-point computation for GAP: deposit a Alioth Bug#734799: marked as done (ITP: wxpython3.0 -- wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (wxPython binding)) Bug#735479: marked as done (ITP: couchapp -- Simple JavaScript application hosted in Apache CouchDB.) Bug#735884: marked as done (ITP: ocp-indent -- OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim) Bug#735884: Review of debian/copyright for ocp-indent Bug#735946: marked as done (ITP: shc -- Generic shell script compiler) Bug#736217: marked as done (ITP: gstreamer-vaapi -- VA-API plugins for GStreamer) Bug#736536: marked as done (ITP: libwildmagic -- libraries for mathematics, physics, numerical methods) Bug#736645: marked as done (ITP: netty-3.9 -- Java NIO client/server socket framework) Bug#736647: marked as done (ITP: carrotsearch-hppc -- High Performance Primitive Collections for Java) Bug#736648: marked as done (ITP: icu4j-49 -- a library for Unicode support and internationalization) Bug#736652: marked as done (ITP: compress-lzf -- basic LZF codec, compatible with standard C LZF package) Bug#736852: marked as done (ITP: carrotsearch-randomizedtesting -- Randomized testing infrastructure for Junit) Bug#737050: ITP: wx3.0-doc -- wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (documentation) Bug#737050: RFP: wx3.0-doc -- wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (documentation) Bug#737285: ITA: tetzle -- Jigsaw puzzle game Bug#737685: marked as done (ITP: sdrangelove -- software defined radio using Qt5 and GL) Bug#738011: ITP: gap-scscp -- SCSCP protocol in GAP Bug#738304: marked as done (ITA: rst2pdf -- ReportLab-based reStructuredText to PDF renderer) Bug#738357: marked as done (ITP: cppreference-doc -- A C/C++ reference manual) Bug#738358: marked as done (ITP: cppreference-doc -- A C/C++ reference manual) Bug#738876: marked as done (ITA: dangen -- shoot 'em up game where accurate shooting matters) Bug#739008: marked as done (ITP: haproxyctl -- Wrapper to talk to the HAProxy socket,) Bug#739010: marked as done (ITP: twython -- Twitter client library for Python) Bug#739116: marked as done (ITP: frosted -- a simple program which checks Python source files for errors) Bug#739158: marked as done (ITP: ruby-turbolinks -- following links in your web application faster) Bug#739233: marked as done (O: stdeb -- Python to Debian source package conversion utility) Bug#739921: marked as done (ITP: iperf3 -- tool for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance) Bug#740473: marked as done (ITP: mariadb-10.0 -- latest generation of MariaDB) Bug#740678: Abiword maintainer Bug#740678: Maintain abiword with Debian Jr. team?! Bug#741054: marked as done (ITP: gtkextra -- useful set of widgets for creating GUI's for GTK+) Bug#741065: Blocked by upstream changes to third party library Bug#741258: marked as done (ITP: libphonenumber -- library for parsing phone numbers) Bug#741487: A useful fork for web authors wanting to optimize their images Bug#741872: ITA: tkinfo Bug#742394: PyCharm is a charm Bug#742556: marked as done (ITP: rr -- application execution recorder, player and debugger) Bug#742593: marked as done (ITP: wcslib-contrib -- Draw and label curvilinear coordinate grids with pgplot) Bug#744190: marked as done (ITP: libde265 -- Open h.265 video codec implementation) Bug#744306: Abandoning ITP for the moment Bug#744348: node-iconv-lite packaging Bug#744363: marked as done (ITP: ruby-entypo-rails -- rails asset pipeline plugin and CSS mappings for the Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce) Bug#744818: ITP: adagios -- Adagios is an alternative web configuration (and status) interface to nagios/icinga/shinken Bug#744909: marked as done (ITP: ruby-acts-as-api -- enriches the models and controllers of your app in a rails-like way) Bug#745342: ITP: twine -- Collection of utilities for interacting with PyPI Bug#745342: Status of twine in Debian Bug#745872: ITP: profanity -- a console based XMPP client Bug#746187: marked as done (ITP: guzzle-sphinx-theme -- Sphinx theme used by Guzzle) Bug#747039: marked as done (ITP: octave-ltfat -- Large Time/Frequency Analysis Toolbox) Bug#747493: marked as done (ITP: openjdk-7-jre-dcevm -- Dynamic Code Evolution VM - Enhanced runtime class redefinition for OpenJDK 7) Bug#747547: marked as done (ITP: pasdoc -- documentation tool for Pascal source code) Bug#747574: marked as done (RFP: fonts-sil-gentiumplus -- gentiumplus font) Bug#748413: OpenJFX status Bug#748806: marked as done (ITP: pidcat -- Colored adb logcat that shows entries for specific apps) Bug#748946: help with sidekiq tests Bug#748946: source for minified js files missing Bug#749339: cflow wnpp status Bug#749466: marked as done (ITP: 3dldf-doc -- 3D drawing with MetaPost output -- documentation) Bug#749579: marked as done (ITP: virtualjaguar -- Cross-platform Atari Jaguar emulator) Bug#750457: marked as done (ITP: buildnotify -- cruise control CI build monitor) Bug#750576: ITP: debdry -- Semi-assisted automatic Debian packaging Bug#750765: marked as done (ITP: jquery-i18n-properties -- lightweight jQuery internationalization plugin) Bug#750777: marked as done (ITP: plank -- Elegant, simple, clean dock) Bug#750825: marked as done (ITP: noise -- Simple, fast, and elegant music player) Bug#750861: marked as done (ITP: flrig -- ham radio transceiver control program) Bug#750984: marked as done (ITP: libjopendocument-java -- pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation) Bug#751200: marked as done (ITP: plume-creator -- open-source tool for novelists) Bug#751439: marked as done (ITP: lgeneral-data -- strategy game in the tradition of Panzer General -- data) Bug#751616: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-ic1 -- Icelandic male voice for Mbrola) Bug#751617: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-tr1 -- Turkish male voice for Mbrola) Bug#751619: marked as done (ITP: mbrola-tr2 -- Turkish female voice for Mbrola) Bug#751914: retitle 751914 RFP: wallch -- A powerful cross-desktop wallpaper changer Bug#752175: marked as done (ITA: glances -- CLI curses based monitoring tool) Bug#752189: marked as done (ITP: mariadb-client-lgpl -- LGPL version of MariaDB client libraries) Bug#752258: marked as done (ITP: pyorbital -- Orbital and astronomy computations in python) Bug#752745: marked as done (ITP: dnssec-root-key -- This package contains DNSSEC root key) Bug#752995: marked as done (ITP: python-xstatic -- XStatic base package with minimal support code) Bug#753012: [Tails-dev] Bug#753012: RFP: vagrant-libvirt -- Vagrant provider for libvirt Bug#753012: ITP: vagrant-libvirt -- Vagrant provider for libvirt Bug#753013: ITP: cppdb -- SQL Connectivity Library Bug#753062: marked as done (ITP: node-crc32-stream -- a streaming CRC32 checksumer) Bug#753067: Bug#753067: marked as done (ITP: node-deflate-crc32-stream -- streaming deflater with CRC32 checksumer) Bug#753073: marked as done (ITP: node-requireindex -- require all files in a directory) Bug#753095: marked as done (RFH: vagrant -- Tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments) Bug#753250: marked as done (ITP: node-end-of-stream -- Detect the end of a stream) Bug#753254: marked as done (ITP: node-ansi-styles -- ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal) Bug#753269: marked as done (ITP: node-supports-color -- Detect whether a terminal supports color) Bug#753275: marked as done (ITP: node-ansi-regex -- Regular expression for matching ANSI escape codes) Bug#753283: marked as done (ITP: node-music-library-index -- build a searchable javascript object model given track metadata objects) Bug#753287: marked as done (ITP: node-tar-stream -- streaming tar parser and generator) Bug#753321: marked as done (ITP: node-strip-ansi -- Strip ANSI escape codes) Bug#753382: marked as done (ITP: ucpp -- embeddable, quick and light C preprocessor) Bug#753466: RFP: xul-ext-classic-theme-restorer -- customize the new Iceweasel look Bug#753567: ITA: gsimplecal -- lightweight GUI calendar application Bug#753567: O: gsimplecal -- lightweight GUI calendar application Bug#753568: marked as done (ITA: rapid-photo-downloader -- Photo downloader (importer) from cameras, memory cards other devices) Bug#753569: marked as done (ITA: mailgraph -- RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics) Re: Bug#753653: RFP: tmsu -- command-line file tagging tooI and tag-based virtual filesystem Bug#753721: ITP: schema2ldif -- Tool for converting OpenLDAP-style schemas to the LDIF Bug#753721: marked as done (ITP: schema2ldif -- Tool for converting OpenLDAP-style schemas to the LDIF) Bug#753852: marked as done (ITP: r-cran-nloptr -- GNU R package for interface to NLopt) Bug#753882: marked as done (ITP: node-quotemeta -- escape regular expression characters) Bug#753962: marked as done (ITP: ghp-import -- Easily import docs to your gh-pages branch) Bug#753975: Stuck on pylons Bug#754120: ITP: python-gnupg-ng -- A Python wrapper for GnuPG Bug#754129: Lutris package Bug#754287: (no subject) Bug#754287: Issues with package Bug#754473: marked as done (ITA: uriparser -- URI parsing library compliant with RFC) Bug#754796: RFP: puppetboard -- web interface to PuppetDB aiming to replace the reporting functionality of Puppet Dashboard. Bug#755129: marked as done (ITP: libany-uri-escape-perl -- Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape) Bug#755240: marked as done (ITP: datamash -- statistical processor for text streams) Bug#755293: Adopting BleachBit. Bug#755303: Debian bug #755303 Bug#755416: marked as done (ITA: shotwell -- digital photo organizer) Bug#755416: shotwell adoption Bug#755431: marked as done (ITA: gnome-pie -- visual application launcher for GNOME) Bug#755493: (no subject) Bug#755493: ITP: apophenia: preliminary deposite at Alioth Bug#755508: O: metatheme-gilouche Bug#755825: marked as done (ITP: tcpcrypt -- opportunistically encrypt network transport) Bug#756009: RFS: python-pypuppetdb -- interface to the PuppetDB REST API Bug#756022: ITP: apt-transport-s3 -- APT transport for privately held AWS S3 repositories Bug#756024: marked as done (ITA: pacman4console -- console based pacman game) Bug#756091: marked as done (ITA: libcap2 -- POSIX 1003.1e capabilities) Bug#756092: marked as done (ITA: libcgroup -- control and monitor control groups) Bug#756131: marked as done (ITP: ruby-nio4r -- Ruby library providing a selector API for monitoring IO objects) Bug#756172: ITP: ssh-cron -- cron-like job scheduler that handles ssh key passphrases Bug#756172: marked as done (ITP: ssh-cron -- cron-like job scheduler that handles ssh key passphrases) Bug#756181: marked as done (ITP: python-greenio -- greenlets for asyncio (PEP 3156)) Bug#756267: marked as done (ITP: julia-factcheck -- Midje-like testing for Julia) Bug#756437: marked as done (ITP: ruby-kramdown-rfc2629 -- generate xml2rfc xml from markdown) Bug#756446: marked as done (RFP: backgammon2 -- another implementation of the Backgammon game) Bug#756521: ITP: kadeploy -- Scalable, efficient and reliable cluster provisioning solution Bug#756549: marked as done (ITA: ntfs-3g -- read/write NTFS driver for FUSE) Bug#756613: marked as done (ITP: ruby-jekyll-gist -- Liquid tag for displaying Github Gists in Jekyll sites) Bug#756615: marked as done (ITP: ruby-jekyll-paginate -- Default pagination generator for Jekyll) Bug#756617: marked as done (ITP: ruby-jekyll-watch -- jekyll plugin for rebuild your site when file changes) Bug#756654: ITP: rohc -- RObust Header Compression (ROHC) library Bug#756667: marked as done (ITP: ruby-json-spec -- Ruby library that provides JSON helpers for RSpec and Cucumber) Bug#756734: ITP: python-xstatic-jquery -- jquery XStatic support Bug#756746: ITP: libtk-objeditor-perl -- A Perl/Tk widget to edit recursively a data structure Bug#756746: marked as done (ITP: libtk-objeditor-perl -- A Perl/Tk widget to edit recursively a data structure) Bug#756758: ITP: lazr.authentication -- library providing middleware basic and OAuth authentication Bug#756762: ITP: libterm-extendedcolor-perl -- module to color screen output using extended escape sequences Bug#756762: marked as done (ITP: libterm-extendedcolor-perl -- module to color screen output using extended escape sequences) Bug#756789: ITP: spork -- DRb (Distributed Ruby) server for testing frameworks Bug#756789: marked as done (ITP: spork -- DRb (Distributed Ruby) server for testing frameworks) Bug#756832: ITP: RioFS -- An userspace filesystem for accessing Amazon S3 buckets. Bug#756851: Astropy affiliated packages for Debian Bug#756851: ITP: astroquery -- Set of python tools for querying astronomical web forms and databases Bug#756884: ITP: ruby-spring -- Rails application preloader Bug#756884: marked as done (ITP: ruby-spring -- Rails application preloader) Bug#756888: ITP: python-mwparserfromhell - a parser for MediaWiki wikicode Bug#756894: ITP: sphinx-rtd-theme -- sphinx theme from Bug#756985: ITP: rucksack -- texture packer and resource bundler for video games Bug#756994: ITP: astroml -- Machine learning for Astronomy Bug#757007: RFP: msitools -- msitools is a set of programs to inspect and build Windows Installer (.MSI) files. Bug#757045: ITP: percona-server-5.6 -- Percona Server is a fast, stable and true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL database server that provides drop-in compatibility with MySQL. Bug#757048: ITP: cvc4 -- An automatic theorem prover for SMT problems Bug#757062: ITP: ruby-avl-tree -- AVL tree and Red-Black tree in Ruby Bug#757066: ITP: ruby-cabin -- Structured+contextual logging experiments in Ruby Bug#757073: ITP: ruby-stud -- A library of common software patterns in Ruby Bug#757074: ITP: ruby-ftw -- Experimentation in web clients and servers Bug#757075: ITP: ruby-metriks -- An experimental library to instrument ruby Bug#757093: ITP: java-comment-preprocessor -- A Multipass Java preprocessor. Bug#757096: ITP: sncosmo -- SNCosmo is a Python library for high-level supervova cosmology analysis. Bug#757132: marked as done (RFP: xkbcommon -- keymap compiler and support library) Bug#757132: RFP: xkbcommon -- keymap compiler and support library Bug#757133: RFP: libqtxdg-0.5.3 -- Library providing specs implementations for Qt Bug#757157: ITP: gfsview -- graphical viewer for Gerris simulation files Bug#757158: ITP: lua-nginx-websocket -- Lua websocket client driver for the nginx embedded Lua language Bug#757192: RFA: cvc3 - Automatic theorem prover for SMT problems Bug#757193: ITP: libnumber-phone-perl -- base class for parsing and dealing with phone numbers Bug#757198: RFP: lxqt-config-randr-0.7.0 -- Simple monitor configuration for LXQt Bug#757227: ITP: memcacheq -- Simple queue service over memcache Bug#757228: RFA: libgraphite-php -- PHP Linked Data Library Bug#757229: ITP: dh-dist-zilla -- debhelper add-on to call dzil build and clean up after the build Bug#757229: marked as done (ITP: dh-dist-zilla -- debhelper add-on to call dzil build and clean up after the build) Bug#757230: RFA: php-arc -- Flexible RDF system for semantic web and PHP practitioners Bug#757231: RFA: php-cas -- Central Authentication Service client library in php Bug#757245: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-ourpkgversion-perl -- Alternative to DZP::PkgVersion with no line insertion and "our" Bug#757245: marked as done (ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-ourpkgversion-perl -- Alternative to DZP::PkgVersion with no line insertion and "our") Bug#757245: Pending fixes for bugs in the libdist-zilla-plugin-ourpkgversion-perl package Bug#757249: ITP: fonts-ekmukta -- humanist, mono-linear typeface for Devanagari and Latin scripts Bug#757256: [Debian] thrift packaging Bug#757256: RFA: thrift-compiler -- code generator/compiler for Thrift definitions The last update was on 09:51 GMT Sun Jun 02. 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