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Bug#694730: libsass status


What's the status of packaging libsass?

I maintain ruby-sass and ruby-compass, as well as a number of Compass 
libraries.  I really look forward to libsass becoming part of Debian, 
and both a) offer my help maintaining it and b) offer to take over if 
you have lost interest in packaging it.

I do all my packaging with CDBS and git-buildpackage, which I hope is 
not a problem to you in case you are interested in collaborating.

Whether or not you want to maintain on your own, I believe it makes 
sense for us to stay in close touch coordinating our releases of these 
tools, to ensure that they work properly together.  For that purpose I 
have created the Sass team at Alioth: 

Feel free to use the git area of pkg-sass if you are into git - and even 
if not please consider joining the mailinglist: 

Regarding the remarks about circular build-dependencies: That is only a 
bootstrapping issue, so if easier to package each part separately (e.g. 
because they are separate upstream projects with different release 
rhythms) then please just do so, and add hints on how to skip the 
testsuite initially for those bootstrapping new architectures.  More 
info at https://wiki.debian.org/DebianBootstrap

Looking forward to more Sass/Compass tools in Debian - no matter the 
approach and degree of collaboration,

 - Jonas

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