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Bug#729203: Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know, I'm still working on my ppa (I'm still
trying to fund the test bench). As well, there is a discussion on Ubuntu
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2149564&p=13100237#post13100237 .

>From My Research Desk :)
On 08/09/2014 08:27 AM, Andreas Cadhalpun wrote:
> Hi Jonas,
> On 09.08.2014 13:51, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>> Quoting Andreas Cadhalpun (2014-08-09 13:34:04)
>>> On 09.08.2014 11:45, Charles Plessy wrote:
>>>> I searched for license information missing from your debian/copyright
>>>> and could find only one case, libavutil/x86/x86inc.asm, which is
>>>> under the ISC license.
>>>> The debian/copyright file of your package looks comprehensive to me.
>>> Many thanks for the copyright review. (I know it is a lot of work.)
>>> I added the missing information you found (and also uppercased some
>>> license names to match the copyright format specification) [1].
>>> It's probably not necessary to make a new upload to the NEW queue for
>>> this change. In the repository is a new upstream version anyway and it
>>> will be uploaded, once the current version gets accepted.
>> In my experience you need not wait for ftpmaster approval to issue
>> subsequent releases: When approving, they will simply approve the
>> subsequent releases as well.
>> If you don't release updates, you may risk that when ftpmaster finds
>> time to inspect your package they find flaws (which you knew about and
>> had prepared fixes for but did not in fact formally provide) - and you
>> get the package rejected and need to wait for _next_ window that they
>> find time to inspect it anew.
> Thanks for warning me, as that would indeed be unfortunate, so I'm
> going to ask my sponsor to make a new upload.
> Best regards,
> Andreas

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