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Bug#549409: status of CoinMP ITP?

ownwr 549409 !


On Tue, Aug 05, 2014 at 11:10:48PM -0600, Miles Lubin wrote:
> I just released ownership of this RFP. I no longer intend to package
> CoinMP. The main reason for this is that the next release of Cbc will
> include a native C interface (written by myself), making CoinMP
> unnecessary. I'm happy to help work with LibreOffice developers to
> help them move over to this interface if you can point me in the right
> direction. I took a glance at the LO code, and it doesn't seem like it
> will be much effort at all.

Would be nice, yes.

> There are also some quality control issues in packaging CoinMP that I
> didn't have time to put effort into resolving:
> 1) The CoinMP API is entirely undocumented

Well, I don't personally care. LO uses its API and that is enough and that
is the only reason I need this. :)

I somehow don't believe users will attempt to use this lib in Debian
without knowing how to use it anyway.

> 2) The upstream tarball contains windows binaries (in CoinMP.zip),
> which I don't believe would be appropriate to include in the debian
> archives

Yeah. I needed to repackage it anyway ro get rid of the totally unneeded
copies of other coinor stuff, so I could remove that one as well.

OK, so I'll fine-tune what I have and upload.



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