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Bug#685575: opentracker debian folder passes lintian

On 2014-08-31 08:58:49, Roman Valls Guimera wrote:
> All good points, fixed in my last two commits on GitHub. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for those changes.

It seems you are patching upstream directly in the git
repo. Unfortunately, the Debian archive doesn't yet support the "git"
format for uploads, so we still need to create patches and ship them in
debian/patches when we change upstream. So those last two commits
changing the Makefile should probably be reverted.

*but* since those are only Makefile settings, it should be possible to
pass in the proper value in the Makefile.

I *think* you should be able to setup those variables with a target

        dh_auto_build -- -DWANT_ACCESSLIST_BLACK \

PREFIX should be automatically fed from the regular dh processes, CC as
well. The default LIBOWFAT settings seemed alright.

> If you think there needs to be further followup changes, sure, give me credentials on Debian repo.

For this you would need to create an account on alioth, then I can ask
for an authorization:




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