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Bug#744306: Abandoning ITP for the moment

retitle 744306 RFP: bookie -- Python based delicious.com replacement

I'm giving up on this for the moment. I'm still very interested in
trying out and eventually moving to bookie, but there are too many of
open issues with the package for me to hack on it at the moment. 

Problems specifically with packaging in Debian:

 * a changing list of dependencies, some of which are not packaged in
 * trouble initializing a database with the packaged copy of all
   dependencies (haven't dug into this much further)

For my personal use, bookie currently is too heavyweight - it has
a large number of dependencies (requirements.txt alone lists 66),
some of which are quite heavyweight (postgresl/mysql, rabbitmq,
redis). It also doesn't yet support serving from a subdirectory

None of these problems is impossible to overcome, but they
do require investment of a nontrivial amount of time. 
For the moment, I'm changing this ITP to a RFP, since I don't want
to be the blocker for bookie getting into Debian. I might revisit that
in the future if bookie improves and nobody has picked up this bug by

For those interested, my initial hacky work is available from


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