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Bug#685575: opentracker debian folder passes lintian

On 2014-08-26 10:17:48, Roman Valls Guimera wrote:
> Challenge accepted:
> https://github.com/brainstorm/opentracker/tree/master/debian
> Might still be a bit rough in the edges but it does pass debuild lintian ;)


Looking at this, I wonder if some features should be enabled in the
build. I am thinking of:


... but i am not sure what those options do exactly or if we could
enable more.

i am not sure why there is both a cron.d *and* a init.d - they seem to
serve the same purpose, no?

also, there is a copyright mention missing for ot_rijndael.c (public

i am also curious to know why you overrode the build/install/clean
targets in  debian/rules, didn't the default work?

normally, you want to override only parts of debhelper automated
targets, for example:

        # do some more cleaning here that dh_auto_clean missed...

we usually encourage people to use their real names in debian, so i
think the Maintainers: field should also have your full name next to the
email address.

finally, would you want to host this code on debian.org's git
repositories? this is what the sample Cvs-* urls point to. i can help
you get the required credentials if you wish, and it would make further
collaboration easier.


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