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Bug#754120: ITP: python-gnupg-ng -- A Python wrapper for GnuPG

> Why exactly should shell=True be necessary?

It turns out that shell=True (basically what started the fork) is not
needed now. Vinay changed it in the latest release of the "original"
python gnupg, which came after a bunch of CVEs and some comments in this
thread as a result of python-gnupg-ng:

The original reason for doing shell=True is/was commented on
python-gnupg (original) code: without that, it didn't work in windows.

So while it is true that Shell=True is not needed, python-gnupg-ng has
other advantages: its more community based (it has a bugtracker and
public repo, to begin with), the code has diverged from the original a
bit in adding various gnupg functionality to the module, re-reading of
the original having security and documentation in minde and improving
the overall code quality. 

I'd argue that including this in Debian is a win because this one has:

 * Better gnupg options parsing
 * Better code structure.
 * Better documentation.
 * Open repo and bugtracker.

Also - we have a package ready to upload for it.

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