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Bug#549409: status of CoinMP ITP?

Hi Miles,

I just saw the ITP for CoinMP:

#549409 [w|  |  ] [wnpp] ITP: coinor-coinmp -- a lightweight API and library for

and you recorded yourself as owner in last December..

What is the status of it?

I ask because LibreOffice can be built (additionally) with CoinMP, which I have
disabled so far as CoinMP wasn't packaged, but of course you want packages in full
glory ;-)

Do you still want to maintain it (preferred, I would just package it for LO-needs,
if someone more into COIN than me took it that would be better?
Is it still in the works?

Before I saw the ITP I did some work on the package, though:

You can look at it and/or base on it and/or improve or whatever. Or I can upload
it if you want (with or without you in Uploaders:, too)



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