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Bug#756734: ITP: python-xstatic-jquery -- jquery XStatic support

On 08/01/2014 08:16 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2014-08-01 15:37:02 +0800 (+0800), Thomas Goirand wrote:
> [...]
>> This package provides jQuery support.
> More than that, it provides jQuery itself... I suspect you're
> repackaging this for Debian as one of the many xstatic dependencies
> recently added to OpenStack Horizon, but those are really more of a
> Python Cheeseshop implementation detail to allow people who are
> installing via pip to get the necessary Javascript libraries. For
> Debian this is probably just going to be seen (correctly in my
> opinion) as yet another embedded copy of jQuery, and I have doubts
> this will make it through new/ftpmaster unless its goal is to become
> *the* jQuery package for Debian.
> To reiterate, my understanding is that Horizon added xstatic package
> dependencies specifically for the benefit of people who *weren't*
> getting those Javascript libraries from their respective
> distributions, so at least in most cases distro packagers shouldn't
> need to worry about them unless the equivalent JS libs aren't
> already in their distros.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for this message.

You are mistaking in what I've been doing. The python-xstatic-jquery
package will *not* embed/provide a copy of jquery.

I have *removed* jquery itself from the python-xstatic-jquery source.
Instead, I have edited xstatic/pkg/jquery/__init__.py, fixed the version
number so that it matches what's available in Debian (eg: 1.7.2), and
fixed the BASE_DIR= directive to point at /usr/share/javascript/jquery.
The resulting package then Depends: libjs-jquery (>= 1.7.2),
libjs-jquery (<< 1.7.3), to make sure that xstatic isn't lying.

In fact, all this is what xstatic has been created for, and what the
author of xstatic recommends doing.

If you think that I should have another approach, and just have Horizon
depend on libjs-jquery directly, please let me know, but my
understanding is that the wrapper in xstatic/pkg/jquery/__init__.py is
really needed for Horizon.

Also, using the code review system, I made sure that new stuff in the
OpenStack global-requirements.txt matches the version of javascript
libraries we have in Debian, including that one for jQuery (eg:

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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