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Bug#590180: what's the state here?


I took a look at both flightcrew and sigil.
* I successful repacked sigil to remove the useless bundled copies
(and the minified jquery):
 + src/Sigil/Resource_Files/javascript/jquery-1.6.2.min.js
 + src/FlightCrew
 + src/BoostParts
 + src/hunspell
 + src/minizip
 + src/utf8-cpp
 + src/Xerces
 + src/zlib
* update the packaging of both packages.

The show-stopper issues I encountered so far are
* the license of src/FlightCrew/Schemas/ncx-2005-1.dtd (in the
flightcrew package):
 + maybe it's a CC-BY-ND, so, non dfsg-compliant, see
 + I contacted DAISY too about it.
* another minified js in sigil
 + this is not packaged in debian so far:
   - maybe I'll go with packaging it, it'd be cleanest solution

My work, based on what was already done is available at
(they are currently buildable, and I see no issues in using them so far)

If you are ok with this, Don, I can help you comaintaing the packages,
I rather interested in sigil :)

Mattia Rizzolo

GPG Key: 4096R/B9444540 http://goo.gl/I8TMB
more about me: http://mapreri.org
Launchpad User: https://launchpad.net/~mapreri
Ubuntu Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MattiaRizzolo

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