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Bug#560004: lxdm 0.5.0

Only to let you know:

lxdm 0.5.0 is out since May (http://sourceforge.net/projects/lxdm/ ),
I wanted to give it a try, compiled and built personal packages at
http://apt.klaumikli.de/testing again.

They worked fine so far ...
 ... until I changed (it had to be done some day) to systemd
 today :-(

With systemd you can log in by lxdm to your desktop-environment,
but then you get logged out automatically after a few minutes. No idea
what's the reason. I've tried several changes in the /etc/pamd.d/lxdm
file, also the above mentioned, but nothing worked. 

I think lxdm isn't ready for systemd these days, can't manage seats
etc., but maybe someone can give me some hint moving foreward. 

Until then, my experience with lxdm had ended and I change back to
ugly lightdm-variants.


Klaus-Michael Klingsporn            
mail: klaumikli@gmx.de
web: www.klaumikli.de

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