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Bug#754796: RFP: puppetboard -- web interface to PuppetDB aiming to replace the reporting functionality of Puppet Dashboard.

On 13655 March 1977, Jonas Genannt wrote:

>> > both packages are ready in git. Upstream need to add a correct
>> > copyright statement, but he will do it next week.
>> Very nice, thanks.
>> Can/will you support a backport to wheezy?
> I don't think. Mainly because I'm only a DM within the DD process and I need to ask every
> time for a sponsor. (saving sponsor requests for unstable uploads :))

DMs can upload to backports too, ...

> But if you are willing to sponsor the packages, I can do it.

... but yes, need a sponsor initially.
I can do that. Though from what I know you'll have fun with more than
just puppetboard, I *think* it needs some pretty recent version of most
of its dependencies, so the backports chain is probably a bit longer.
Still, would love to have that, just have not enough time to do the
actual work myself. Sponsoring is fine, but more is hard.

bye, Joerg
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