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Bug#703226: reassign ITP patchwork

On 23 August 2014 08:50, Carsten Schoenert <c.schoenert@t-online.de> wrote:
> owner 703226 arturo.borrero.glez@gmail.com
> thanks
> Hello Arturo,
> On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 05:53:50PM +0200, Arturo Borrero Gonzalez wrote:
>> I will try to package it in upcoming weeks.
>> If you want, I can contact you when that happen, so you can have a
>> preview of the package before the release.
> that sounds fine to me.
> I will try to contact Jeremy and ask him to overtake the old patch from
> the patchqueue. The patch adds some simple error checking. The patch
> isn't originally from me, Guido Guenther was helping me in the past.

Sure, nice.

> Locally I have done in the past some trying to use debconf and
> dbconfig-common for automatic configuration of the package while
> installation. But especially dbconfig-common is still a mystery to me.

Yes, also for me.

I would try to get a first package in place, with no extras.
Then, we can iterate the package development and integrate it with
debconf or whatever.
But that sound to me like a future step.

> In general I was thinking about splitting the source package into at
> last two binary packages (one for mysql and the other for postgresql
> backend) but make it possible to setup more than one instance.
> In theory a sqlite backend is also possible but this would be not really
> performant, so this maybe only useful for testing stuf without the big
> databases. I also have no nowing about usage of mariadb or so.

Makes sense.

Also, I think it worth having another binary package just for the pwclient tool.

> I'm interested in co maintainig the package, but currently I simply have
> not enough time bring the package in a first state for releasing.

It would be nice to co-maint the package.

> So if you have forther question or little testing tasks I'm willing to
> help. Do not bother to contact me directly.

Ok thanks.

> PS: I was free to set you as new owner for this ITP.


I've started doing the packaging, but Could you please send me a
pointer to your previous package?


Arturo Borrero González

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