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Bug#757256: [Debian] thrift packaging

Hi Laszlo,

I see you did an ITA on libthrift-java, thrift-compiler and

I previously talked to Evan and he eventually RFAd them; the intention
was, in a nutshell, that I take them over, make it mono-source package,
and add the C++ library package (that's what I need).

It seems I idled, and you were faster ;).

So, what are your intentions here? Are you also going to package the C++
library? Will you also convert this to a monolithic source package?

I would still be willing to take it all over if you are fine with that;
alternatively I would be honored to be able to help with/provide the C++
library packaging. I do have some headaches though with the current
extra setup, deliberately splitting upstream.

In case you already intent to also package the C++ library, I'd be
perfectly fine, though, just idling on.



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