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Bug#735884: Review of debian/copyright for ocp-indent

Hi Andreas,

Quoting Andreas Cadhalpun (2014-08-08 01:42:33)
> In order to help the ftp-masters processing the NEW queue[1], I have 
> reviewed the debian/copyright file of ocp-indent following the 
> guidelines at [2].
> For this task I obtained the sources from 
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-ocaml-maint/packages/ocp-indent.git.

thanks a lot for taking time for this!

> Attached patch fixes the issues I noticed.
> The most important ones were that the licenses for some files were missing.
> It is also important to note, that this debian/copyright file does not 
> reflect the headers in the individual source files, because a license 
> clarification was obtained from upstream. As it is difficult to notice 
> this, when reading debian/copyright, I added a comment at the beginning 
> with a link to the upstream clarification.

The diff is a bit hard to read because you moved section around so I'll
summarize the changes:

You introduced a default copyright for "INRIA", "Jun Furuse" and "OCamlPro"
where I tried to name files individually to match the different copyrights. For
example the only files that are copyright "INRIA" seem to be
src/approx_tokens.ml, src/approx_lexer.mll and src/approx_common.mli so I don't
see how "INRIA" can be in the default block.

Additionally, different files in src/* seem to have different copyright holders
(either just "OCamlPro" as for src/indentConfig.mli or "Jun Furuse" and
"OCamlPro" for the other files). Also, different files there have different
copyright dates. Some files are copyright "2012-2013 OCamlPro" and others are
copyright "2013 OCamlPro". Your default match makes them all "2011-2013

As you can see in the link you referenced where upstream clarified the
copyright stanzas [1], upstream agreed on these individual distinctions of
copyright holders and years as they were found in the original debian/copyright

You also found that I did not include the files m4/ocaml.m4,
tests/passing/traverse.mli and configure in my initial debian/copyright. Thanks
for finding them and fixing this! :)

On the other hand, configure and m4/ocaml.m4 are not used (or not supposed to
be used and I yet have to fix this) during build time and thus I could just
repack the source tarball and list them under Files-Excluded in

cheers, josch

[1] https://github.com/OCamlPro/ocp-indent/issues/115

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