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Bug#729203: [recentering] Reintroducing FFmpeg to Debian

I feel the debate is going a bit on a tangent in this thread, so I'd like to take an opportunity to recenter it a tad.​

​We have many issues that were risen in this thread, ​
​but ​
I believe that the cut has to be made by the people that we have in special roles for; -security for security concerns, -release for release scheduling and required transitions and our many maintainers of multimedia related packages to know what they want to link their packages against
​, and well, as it has been named, tech-ctte for technical matters that we can't resolve in -devel.​

​In few words​
​this is how I understand​
the core of Andreas' plan, and has motivated many technical decisions in the packaging.

​Many ​
​ technical decisions that lead to a polite and correct way to go.

Now, our main blocker to get onto the next steps Andreas has exposed with great detail in his original mail is that the package has been sitting in NEW for the last 


As people voiced their feelings, it seems the vast majority does not opposes having FFmpeg in experimental


So my point here is:

​Shouldn't we first get it in the archive ? ​
how can we help speed​ing
​ ​
it out of NEW ?

​The current packaging is a 'low-conflict' one, it can be easily transitioned into replacing libav if that's what gets decided further down the line. Hence, I see no blocker​ in getting it in.

The licencing has an ancestor with libav, and the new files have been following the same inclusion pattern. So my guess is that the blocker may be packaging quality, as the sponsor, I have checked it, but maybe we can help reconfort ftpmasters with more eyes on it ?


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