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About XteamLinux (was Re: Unidentified subject!) [Anno] Dayi cin table available [Anno] libtabe-0.1-5 Announce MuLi (Multipliciter Lingua) Any suggestions on learning Debian? Re: Autocnvert open anonymous CVS login 新的autoconvert邮件转码脚本 Re: Set Locale 一問 can't enter chinese in BBS Fwd: [cle-devel] Security Alert! (cce and jmce) code page 936 ,950 is in kernel 2.2.16 Copy Chinese Word from crxvt to netscape [ [cle-devel] 小虫结婚了!] Re: CXWin... Re: Fwd: [LinuxForum]: 国内的 Debian 概况 debian china (mainland) Debian 中文计划新网址 error about apt-move FORW: Re: CJK XPRINT problem on Linux 中国各个 Linux 发布系统的源代码 CXWin... Re: Fwd: [LinuxForum]: 国内的 Debian 概况 Re: BluePoint Linux 里的 GNU GPL 软件源代码 Re: Fwd: [LinuxForum]: 国内的 Debian 概况 Re: 电视剧叫《霍元甲》是位大侠 Re: 关于安装的建议 Re: 贵的吓人 Fwd: [LinuxForum]: 国内的 Debian 概况 Re: 请教如何学习 Re: 请教升级 Re: 网路安装 《Debian GNU/Linux 安装及使用导论》网上浏览及下载 安装问题一箩箩 =) [测试报告] UTF-8 xterm 请测试:zh_CN.GBK 及 zh_HK.Big5HKSCS XLC_LOCALE 请教升级 Re: 请为您的 Debian 中文翻译作备份 使用CV时中文过大 网路安装 网络蚂蚁 (was Re: 电视剧叫...) Re: 新的autoconvert邮??虢疟 邮件列表改名进展报告…… GB code display as default in gnu-song24-gbk: 自由/免费的中文 GBK 编码点阵字体 (BDF) Re: How about sound card in debian How to generate Packages.gz for APT? Fwd: [I18n] Unicode support status Input and display chinese in emacs Re: Input Chinese(GB) in Mozilla Install X and gnome ITP: debian-guide-zh (Chinese version of debian-guide) ITP: stardic, an English-Chinese dictionary for Unix locale-zh-hk 0.5 the messy situation (was Re: About XteamLinux) minor problem in using crxvt PGP 6.x is incompatible with GPG 1.03? Question about hkscs sending chinese message to other user using write Set Locale 一问 Re: some problem in exim Translations two problems Unidentified subject! Using 24x24 Chinese Font Re: webwml/chinese/chinese/ xcin,可以显示其他输入法的输入法吗? Re: your mail The last update was on 11:06 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 170 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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