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Re: Using 24x24 Chinese Font

On Thu, Jun 01, 2000 at 10:38:05PM +0800, Wan Hing Wah wrote:
> When I Try to use the 24x24 Chinese Font in crxvt...
> Or Use 100dpi Fonts in XWin...
> it seem the font size is very large and I need to use the 15x15 fonts or
> 100dpi Fonts for an acceptable file..But seem all of your guy use 24x24
> Chinese Font....So it is just my problem?(P.S I use 800x600 Resolution)

  利用 24x24点 字型,配合一般 80x24字元 的终端,这个可以计算出来:

	横:中文字 24 点 除以 2 = 半型字 12 点;12 x 80 = 960
	竖:24 点 乘以 24 行 = 576

800x600 解像度的画面,当然放不下 960x576(另加窗框)的终端窗口啦!

  如果您嫌 16x16 / 16x15 字型太细,可以试试 /usr/doc/xcin/examples/et20
或 et20k,横: 20x40 = 800,竖: 20x24 = 480,刚好放得下,不过见不到
scroll bar。也可以试修改 et20 来制个 et18 (18x18),效果不错,用
文鼎明体 18x18 的话,比 20x20 还好! ^_^


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