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Re: PGP 6.x is incompatible with GPG 1.03?

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 12:10:38PM +0800, Yu Guanghui wrote:
> Hello Debian-list,
>        我用GPG 1.03+RSAREF+IDEA使用 DSS1024产生的签名用
>        PGP 6.5无法验证,PGP直接出错结束。win98 or win 2000
>        但是手工用pgp命令验证就没问题。用PGP签名,在GPG里验证
>        没问题。
>        谁知道怎么解决呀?

  这个我也不大清楚,因为我从来没有碰过 PGP 5.x 和 PGP 6.x。
/usr/doc/gnupg/FAQ.gz 里有提及 GnuPG 与 PGP 5 的问题,也许可以

 Q: Why is PGP 5.x not able to verify my messages?
 A: PGP 5.x does not accept V4 signatures for data material but
    OpenPGP requires generation of V4 signatures for all kind of
    data.  Use the option "--force-v3-sigs" to generate V3 signatures
    for data.

 Q: How can I encrypt a message so that pgp 2.x is able to decrypt it?
 A: You can't do that because pgp 2.x normally uses IDEA which is not
    supported by GnuPG because it is patented, but if you have a modified
    version of PGP you can try this:

       gpg --rfc1991 --cipher-algo 3des ...

    Please don't pipe the data to encrypt to gpg but give it as a filename;
    other wise, pgp 2 will not be able to handle it.

 Q: How can I conventional encrypt a message, so that PGP can decrypt it?
 A: You can't do this for PGP 2.  For PGP 5 you should use this:

       gpg -c --cipher-algo 3des --compress-algo 1 myfile

    You may replace "3des" by "cast5". "blowfish" does not work with
    all versions of pgp5.  You may also want to put
       compress-algo 1
    into your ~/.gnupg/options file - this does not affect normal
    gnupg operation.


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