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the messy situation (was Re: About XteamLinux)

Anthony Fok wrote:
>On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 10:53:03AM +0800, hashao wrote:
>> We could but I don't know if we want to. Do we want to position
>> ourselves as the judge of Free Software in Chinese community? People
>> will not like it and attack Debian as self-promoting.

Nothing wrong for promoting Debian. As even RMS do it.
But whether shall us paint ourselves as Free Software judge
in China is another question. I personally don't think we
shall step in (semi-)officially as RMS put it that the whole
China copyright law is just a mess! And there is no even a
safe or assured place for free speech in China. What can you
really do in such a stupid place?

And even worse is I don't think everybody are following GPL
here. You're just too easy to be convinced, eh? That's
not a easy one to say they're doing good now. Let us wait
a while and see if they're abeying to GPL, and see if they
could do qualified work as a Linux distributor as not to
be even not capble to handle their pity silly little website.

And let us wait and going download their source and compile
to see if that is the same binary as that in their CDROM
distribution. That would be a tough battle with them lusers
here. But who even really cares? Let's promote Debian for
ease! The pitty thing here is in China there is no a RMS-like
free software big contributor, no Bruce Perens here. Only, you
all know, very pitty CEOs. THEY are standing for free
software? Are you joking?

>Good point.  Perhaps the written could be signed "anonymous"?

I can't agree. Anonymous is here in this case a just too-bad
attitude, and too weak yah.

>Just a observatory article explaining that the license issues
>in all major Chinese Linux distributions have already been dealt with,

[No intention to offense. I respect your work.]
But are you joking? You've just sent somewhat around 5 or six
emails and say they're doing good? Does this message be
brought to me by a word leading with letter C and end with hildish?

>i.e. no one is breaking any rules any more.  :-)

If things are such simple, I'd guess Bruce Perens like persons are
just doing FUD towards the opposite?

The simple and straight thing to do is just forget them all and
promote Debian, develope Debian Chinese support, raise people's
awareness to the importance of Free Software. IMHO. (And be ready
to help RMS in case if he want to file a lawsuit to enssure GPL.
But I'd guess the first law suite on GPL will probably happen in
a more lawful contry like USA instead of being in danger being
ruined by the F*CK China Gov.)


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