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About XteamLinux (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

Hello zhaoway,
Wednesday, June 28, 2000, 7:42:30 PM, you wrote:

z> 这是回复Debian Developer Anthony Fok关于License问题的信函。

Thanks for the information.

z> 我曾经劝说过XTeam的从老板到程序员关注这一问题。有
z> 一段时间,我考虑到XTeam的核心代码工作是在XFree86上做的,而由于XFree
z> 是BSD(X Window)的License,并不强求公布代码,另外XTeam去年在内核层次
z> 上做的工作,都已公开了。所以,我自己也不很在这一问题上过多烦恼。

X Window use MIT license. Yes, they do not have to release source code
or give out binaries for free.

z> 大多数朋友所关心源码问题,是指XTeam并没做任何实质工作的大量SRC.RPM没
z> 有在网站上发布下载,也没有刻成光盘。坦白说,这原因,一是整个XTeam对
z> GPL的这条要求并不了解,二是XTeam的网站到现在还没有更新,正经是没有力
z> 量来做,三是XTeam只有在1.0光盘发布的时候没有源码盘,这原因是可以理解
z> 的,因为国内光盘发售渠道对于当时的XTeam来说太紧张了,没有能力要求发行
z> 渠道为销路不顺的Linux发两张光盘,价钱也会太高。

Not because no source code CD. It is okey to not have source code CDs
but they should at least provide source code on request. They did not
do that till now for (L)GPLed softwares.

z> 这第三条,当时的TurboLinux当时也是“触犯”的,他们最早在国内发布的
z> TurboLinux光盘,也只有单张,不带源码。所以从这个理由单骂XTeam是不公
z> 平的。并且后来除了下面讲到的BluePoint,大家都发售源码光盘了

I remember TCL, Xteam and BP were treated the same back then when
none of them released source codes. The source codes we are talking
about is not kernel source only. These companies all patched a lot of other
(L)GPLed softwares (translation included. translations are derived
from the original (L)GPLed parts, include manuals).

The rage against xteam was that the initial release of the
distribution has way too many bugs :). And users got no source codes.
So the soureless situation only heat up the anger against xteamlinux.
XteamLinux do contribute a lot to Chinese Linux movement (tm), :), but
their mistaken (mostly caused by conservative mind) back fired.

z> 我是RMS的崇拜者。RMS几次到中国,都是由TurboLinux负责接待的。
z> 如果RMS希望在中国进行法律行动的话,我诚切的愿意义务帮助RMS获取
z> 来自TurboLinux公司以外的对中国市场的观点和事实。

Cool, I do think it is very important for people to get to know Chinese Linux
community and markets from more variety channels.

Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@telebot.com

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