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Re: How about sound card in debian

[forwarded to debian-simplified-chinese@lists.debian.org
since i don't know the answer.]

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From: Ben Luo <benluo@etang.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:10:18 +0800

>Dear Zhao,
>I recently convert redhat to debian(woody). I can not let my
>Mozilla m14 input chinese. The worst is my sound car can not

try: xcin, mozilla M16++ builds..

>sing in debian. it can do in redhat. my sound car is ess1868
>isa pnp. Can you tell me how to do with it .

could you tell me the RH config?
try: isapnp-tools, alsa..
isa pnp sound card is really a disaster, hehe..

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