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Re: Announce MuLi (Multipliciter Lingua)

Oh great!! I was thinking to write a similar program too, I'm glad that you
developed such a great software. I think people(general users) can help in
translation too, without deep technical knowledge. I don't have to write it now.

Hey, who would like to pack it as a Debian package?? I will promote this program
to Hong Kong / Taiwan people in our new magazine. ^^

By the way, I couldn't download the GtkExText widget as the link was dead. I'm
wondering if you could include the widget's header file into your program (so
that people don't need to download it separately). And it is more convinence to
pack it.

Kam Tik

Detlef Reichl wrote:

> I'm proud to announce the first public release of MuLi.
> What is MuLi
> ------------
> MuLi is a program based on Gnome, that helps you to
> internationalize an localize programs.
> Some of the features in this release
> ------------------------------------
> - A Main window, where the message for translation and
>   the translation is displayed
> - A Codeview window, where the sourcecode is displayed at
>   the position, where the message is extracted
> - A Database window. You can connect existing .mo and .gmo
>   files to the database window. So if for the message to
>   translate a translation is found in the files, the
>   result is displayed here. Then it can be transfered to
>   Main window by click
> - User configurable shortcuts for all functions
> - autocreation of extra files like POTFILES.in
> - creation of new projects, where the scope, how far MuLi
>   searches for messages can be specified
> take a look at some screen shots at:
> http://muli.sourceforge.net/shots.html
> you can load down the sources from:
> http://muli.sourceforge.net/
> to compile MuLi you nead the gtkextext widget found at:
> http://www.bahnhof.se/~mikeh/linux_software.html
> if someone with experience in autoconf/automake take a look
> at this files, i will be happy, cauz that's not my
> profession...
> please send bus, suggestions, patches and chocolate to
> detlef.reichl@arcormail.de
> --
> detlef.reichl@arcormail.de
>    muli.sourceforge.net
>    Teatime.sourceforge.net
>    Mounter.sourceforge.net
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