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Re: Input and display chinese in emacs

It depends.  我以前想叫 Emacs 用 xcin,但不太成功。可能我的设定有错。
xa+cv 也可以。但我认为最好的方法,是利用 Emacs 里已有的 MULE 功能,

	Mule -> Set Language Environment -> Chinese -> Chinese-BIG5
	Mule -> Select Input Method, 按 tab 显示选择,希望有您的输入法。

  再 shift-[left mouseclick],出现 Font menu,选 Fontset,
standard: 16-dot medium,就可以了。  Mule 选单底下还有其它好玩的东西,
feel free to experiment!  :-)

  当然,您不用每次开 emacs 都这样做,把您的设定放进 ~/.emacs-big5,
开 emacs 时 load 这个 config file (I don't know which command-line
options.)。  也许这里的 Emacs 专家 (如 zhaoway) 可以帮您。


On Thu, Jun 08, 2000 at 02:18:41AM +0800, hingwah wrote:
> Hello,sorry for asking question again.
> I would like to know how can I input and display chinese in emacs.
> Do I need to use XA+CV this time?
> I am using xa+cv to use emacs now...When I try to type some chinese
>  some chinese cannnot display...For example,if I type
> 你好吗,it will 你好吗,it cannot display 你
> but if I copy the word from emacs to forexample in crxvt..It can display it correctly...
> is it the problem of xa+cv?can the emacs really save the chinese into the file?

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