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Re: Set Locale 一问

On Sun, 4 Jun 2000, Roger So wrote:

> I thought I remembered reading some Xsession that sourced /etc/environment,
> but since I've already used apt-get quite often I wasn't sure which version
> it was. ^^;

do u have /etc/profile.d ?

> > 话说回来,我们可能有希望能把 GBK 的 XLOCALE 以及 Roger 兄您的
> > zh_HK.Big5HKSCS XLOCALE 也加进 potato 的 xfree86 3.3.6 里。
> > 请问我可以拿您的 .deb 里的 XLOCALE 转寄给 Branden Robinson (Overfiend) 吗?
> > ^_^  说不定可以不被 Release Manager 拦截,顺利进关。  ^_^

I've add Roger's locale into CLE CVS, would u plz check it out ?
And then we can merge the zh_CN.GBK

we can build 4 different .rpm
(zh_TW.Big5; zh_HK.Big5HKSCS; zh_CN.GBK; zh_CN.GB2312) from a single .src.rpm

how about deb ?   

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