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FORW: Re: CJK XPRINT problem on Linux

Found this <8hrc6e$6cs3@secnews.netscape.com> in netscape.public.mozilla.i18n:
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From: Jungshik Shin <jshin@pantheon.yale.edu>
Newsgroups: netscape.public.mozilla.i18n
Subject: Re: CJK XPRINT problem on Linux
Date: 9 Jun 2000 18:14:38 GMT

In <ybesnun2dld.fsf@fresnel.labs.redhat.com>, Owen Taylor wrote:

: ftang@netscape.com (Yung-Fong Tang) writes:

:> Can you summarize the problem you have with mozilla XPRINT for CJK
:> Printing that happen on Linux but not on Solaris ? Please sent to
:> mozilla-i18n@mozilla.org and cc blizzard@redhat.com and
:> otaylor@redhat.com . I think owen may help use to find out more
:> information. Also, we should we contact for the Sun's XPRINT group ?
:> Owen- Do yo know who take care XPRINT in redhat ?

: If by XPRINT, you mean the XPRINT extension to X, the answer
: would effectively be nobody. Yes, there is someone who takes
: care of the X packages - I think that is still Preston Brown
: (pbrown@redhat.com), but I'd say that we almost certainly
: have not tested XPRINT at all, and really don't support
: using it. (It is not integrated into our print setup, we
: don't run a XPRINT server, etc.)

: In fact, I would say that XPRINT has basically 0% use
: and acceptance in the Linux community. The API is 
: complicated, the driver support is weak, and the rendering
: model (like that of X) primitive.

: It may be that XPRINT is more well-developed and advanced
: on Solaris, but what I've have looked at on Linux (that is,
: the stack X11R6.3/X11R6.4 code), is not very compelling.

: If you have any ability to do direct-to-postscript, I 
: think that is a more reasonable thing to use on Linux
: than XPRINT. I'm not very experienced with postscript
: printing of CJK, but if the user has a CJK postscript
: printer, than it should work well. If the user doesn't,
: well, ghostscript does support CID-keyed fonts if 
: suitable fonts are available. And the font problem is
: the same with XPRINT.

As I wrote a couple of months ago in a related thread,
most, if not all, Korean distributions of  Linux(the same must be true
of Japanese distributions) come with ghostscript set up in such a way
that any printer supported by ghostscript can be regarded as a PS printer
with built-in PS fonts (either OCF fonts or CID-keyed fonts). It's also
possible to make GS use TTF fonts available on the local disk as if
they're OCF fonts.  Owing to this, printing from Netscape 4.x is very
simple. A user just has to press Alt-P and that's all. Fortunately,
this level of support for CJK PS printing in Mozilla seems to be coming
soon.(a patch is already available)

Jungshik Shin

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