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Re: Set Locale 一问

On Sun, Jun 04, 2000 at 12:26:46PM +0800, Kam Tik wrote:
> 请问 set locale 共有多少方法?

man 3 setlocale

	 "... each part of the locale  that  should  be
	 modified  is  set  according to the environment variables.
	 The details  are  implementation  dependent.   For  glibc,
	 first  (regardless  of category), the environment variable
	 LC_ALL is inspected, next the  environment  variable  with
	 the  same  name  as  the  category  (LC_COLLATE, LC_CTYPE,
	 the  environment  variable LANG.  The first existing envi□	 ronment variable is used."

That is, there should be only one way for proper i18n programs: setting 
the environment variables.  But there are many ways to set the 

> 1. 修改 /etc/environment
> 需要 root access,发现 CorelLinux 1.1 并没有 /etc/environment,自行建立
> 也不行,/etc/environment.corel 也不能运作,真令人费解.........

Because /etc/environment didn't exist in slink?  If the login in Corel
Linux doesn't use PAM, try adding "ENVIRON_FILE /etc/environment" to
/etc/login.def.  Otherwise add "auth required pam_env.so" to 

Please correct me if I'm wrong here :p

> 2. 修改 ~/.bashrc
> 加 export LANG= 、export LC_ALL = ,但是对不是跑 bash shell 的用家起不了
> 作用...........

csh and tcsh uses /etc/csh.chsrc and ~/.chsrc, not sure about others ...
That's why it's better to use /etc/environment if it works. :p

Hope the above helps,

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