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Re: can't enter chinese in BBS

  谢谢解答。话说回来,我从 heimdal-client 里的 telnet 转为
telnet-ssl 的 telnet 后,也遇到您们提及的问题。也许其中一个解决
办法,就是安装 heimdal-client,用 heimdal 的 telnet。 (ktelnet)。
heimdal telnet 的预设值,不用加 -8 或 -L 也可以打中文字。  ^_^



On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 07:32:49PM +1000, Roger So wrote:
> > and if I specify with "-8" or "-L" option,after I type login name and 
> > press enter...the password field don't occur...the same thing
> > occur when I telnet to other sun-os server(not BBS) with -8 or -L option
> Try telnet to bbs.org.hk without the "-8" option first.  Then, after
> entering "bbs" and "hkibbs", press Ctrl-] (to get to the telnet prompt)
> and enter "toggle binary" to get into binary mode.

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