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Re: FORW: Re: CJK XPRINT problem on Linux

On Sat, Jun 10, 2000 at 10:26:07AM +0800, x-- Rot13 - Hateme wrote:
> As I wrote a couple of months ago in a related thread, most, if not all,
> Korean distributions of Linux(the same must be true of Japanese
> distributions) come with ghostscript set up in such a way that any printer
> supported by ghostscript can be regarded as a PS printer with built-in PS
> fonts (either OCF fonts or CID-keyed fonts). It's also possible to make GS
> use TTF fonts available on the local disk as if they're OCF fonts.  Owing
> to this, printing from Netscape 4.x is very simple. A user just has to
> press Alt-P and that's all. Fortunately, this level of support for CJK PS
> printing in Mozilla seems to be coming soon.(a patch is already available)

  对啊,TurboLinux 中文版的 Ghostscript 5.10-8,就是经过陈向阳先生
加进去的中文 patch,配合已有的日文和韩文 patch,和 VFlib 一起来
利用 TrueType 字体作 CJK 打印的了。我下载了 patch 回来,只是我看不懂。
:-)  另外,据说 Ghostscript 6.x 已有直接对 TrueType 字体的支持,
不过我还没有时间详细看,也不知对中文 TTF 的支持如何。

  也许将来 Debian 的中文打印也可以及应该朝这个方向走。目前折衷的办法,
就是用 bg5ps 1.3.0。经 CLE 的小虫 (Platin) 兄修改, bg5ps 1.3.0 可以
处理 Big5 及 GB2312 的文件,配合文鼎 PL 字体,打印效果不错。
^_^  bg5ps-1.3.0 已放在 woody 中了。


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