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Re[2]: About XteamLinux (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

Hello Anthony,

Wednesday, June 28, 2000, 6:22:05 PM, you wrote:

AF>   言歸正傳。既然眾公司都守法了,咱們 Debian 中文計劃要不要

AF> 以「非營利志願團體第三者」的身份,寫份報告貼出來,証明眾公司

AF> 都守法了,請網友不要左罵右罵前罵後罵,雖然不是罵我們,但我看

AF> 這些漫罵實在看得厭了,實在有妨國內國外開放中文軟件朋友的士氣

AF> 。賞罰分明嘛!大家都奉公守法,就該賞了。 ^_^  有沒有人想寫份

AF> 初稿? ^_^

We could but I don't know if we want to. Do we want to position
ourselves as the judge of Free Software in Chinese community? People
will not like it and attack Debian as self-promoting.

my 2 cents.

Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@telebot.com

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