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*confusion* [광 고]SkyLife 예약가입 경품 大 잔치 Adopting packages. Another Entry for the logbook Bug 121459 Bug#102025: marked as done (non-existing url with asclock-gtk source code) Bug#112809: marked as done (cccd: no manual page) Bug#123538: marked as done (python-gtk: Warnings during setup.) Bug#126643: marked as done (python-gendoc: error messages while removing the package) Bug#128138: postfix: file conflict with package "smtpd" Bug#129966: marked as done (xcoral: debian/rules contains an error in clean target due to missing build-dep) Bug#129966: xcoral: debian/rules contains an error in clean target due to missing build-dep Bug#131549: util-linux: hwclock adjust drift_factor instead of rewriting it Bug#131783: use html anchors in update_excuses.html Bug#58803: marked as done (asclock-gtk could use themes from gnome-panel-data) Bugs tagged help Bugs that need help Re: Debian Package Entry for the logbook FHS transition gqmpeg maintainer field is broken help needed with a reformime bug Help with bug #108445 How to make things change - need some help Implementing my proposal for the organisation of QA incorrect QA maintainer addresses Integration with dinstall would be nice. Issue tracking ITP->RFP merge licq sound bugs MIA maintainer and NMU of package microwindows build status NMUs and such on packages maintained by QA Re: old ITAs Processed: Fixed in NMU of gtranscript 0.2.0-3 QA logbook Re: website status Re : Bugs tagged help Stale ITAs done suggestion for testing_probs.html TreeTool very old orphaned packages When should the BTS help tag be used? Why is slapd listed as base? wnpp-disposable {base,standard} 더이상 감출게 없습니다.. The last update was on 06:01 GMT Sun May 19. There are 209 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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