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Re: microwindows build status

> microwindows is not building on powerpc, but I don't know why.  The
> bug report filed seems wrong to me, and the buildd report at
> http://buildd.debian.org/stats/?arch=powerpc&state=Dep-Wait
> reports:
> libs/microwindows_0.88pre11-4: Dep-Wait by schmitz-pb [optional:uncompiled]
>   Dependencies: freetype2-dev (>= 1.3.1-1), freetype2 (= 1.3.1-1)

That may be a repercussion of using an outdated version of apt on my
autobuilder - I can retry that build.

>     -------------------- 0.88pre11-1 --------------------
>     circular build dep
>     -------------------- 0.88pre7-1 --------------------
>     make failures, resulting in circular dependencies for a library
> I don't know everything about buildd, but it seems to me that it's
> complaining that freetype2 is not available, and that isn't a reason
> for there to be an RC bug against microwindows.

Please note that I haven't filed any bug of that sort (I rarely do these
days, rather rely on the maintainer to check build status and logs). FYI:
schmitz-pb above is a shorthand for user schmitz@d.o for autobuilder 'pb'
(my Powerbook). Just chop off the -* to contact the buildd admin directly.
Should work for any autobuilder.

The RC bug is something entirely different. In fact it looks like that bug
should be fixed by your NMU correcting build dependencies (the missing
libnano-X problem, we had that on m68k as well and it built there fine

> I would like to close bug 121459, and rely on powerpc to attempt a
> build by the normal process and report a new bug against the current

I've rescheduled the 0.88pre11-4 build hoping the build dependencies
install now. But that doesn't relate to #121459 at all.


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