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microwindows build status

microwindows is not building on powerpc, but I don't know why.  The
bug report filed seems wrong to me, and the buildd report at 

libs/microwindows_0.88pre11-4: Dep-Wait by schmitz-pb [optional:uncompiled]
  Dependencies: freetype2-dev (>= 1.3.1-1), freetype2 (= 1.3.1-1)
  Previous state was Building until 2002 Jan 02 04:05:45
  Previous failing reasons:
    -------------------- 0.88pre11-2 --------------------
    some error.
    -------------------- 0.88pre11-1 --------------------
    -------------------- 0.88pre11-1 --------------------
    circular build dep
    -------------------- 0.88pre7-1 --------------------
    make failures, resulting in circular dependencies for a library

I don't know everything about buildd, but it seems to me that it's
complaining that freetype2 is not available, and that isn't a reason
for there to be an RC bug against microwindows.

I would like to close bug 121459, and rely on powerpc to attempt a
build by the normal process and report a new bug against the current
version if necessary.  It would be especially nice if the powerpc port
people would see if they can fix any problems, since there isn't a
developer-accessible powerpc sid machine for anyone else to work on,
it seems.


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