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Re: old ITAs

On 1 Jan 2002, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:

> So Adrian Bunk seems to have done the last run-through of this, and
> there are a number of packages for which the last mention was his "do
> you really still want to adopt this?"--so, Adrian, what's the status?
> I don't want to collide with your work.

My work is a bit less systematic: When I have some time left start a
top-down run through the wnpp bugs. When there's an unanswered question to
the person who intended to adopt the package that wasn't answered for more
than one month I retitle it back to O/RFA, if not and if the retitling was
more than one month ago I send a mail to the person who intended to adopt
the package with a Cc to the BTS.

Note that I do not do this regularly at the moment and that it's often the
case that I don't reach the bottom of the bug list.


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