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Re: microwindows build status

> > I think that's a drastically unfair judgement.  I would rather ask
> > every maintainer to do a few extra steps for the quality of their
> > packages (or better yet, to improve automated systems to notify
> > (opt-in) maintainers about such problems).  The port maintainers
> > already have a significant amount of work to do on this front, and are
> > generally package maintainers themselves also.
> The automated notification thing is key, I think.  The porting process
> is generally so painless that there's no need to check on stuff and with
> the large time lags sometimes involved it's very easy to not notice if
> something goes wrong.

Automatically checking for problems (other than alerting the maintainer on
generic failures) isn't trivial. I'm talking about stuff like stuck upload
queues or builds lost due to crashed autobuilder.

All build logs are sent to auric for further storage and analysis. Ask
Ryan Murray how you can help implementing some alert system.


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