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Re: MIA maintainer and NMU of package

Le Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 05:30:36AM -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva écrivait:
> a friend told me that the gnu-smalltalk was too old on unstable,
> I went to check this out and found out that its maintainer is
> MIA since Oct 2000 and decided to do some QA on the package...
> I have an NMU ready, wich probably[1] fixes all the outstanding
> bugs on the package... I suggest that this package is marked
> as orphaned (as well as all other packages maintained by this
> maintainer) 
> I'd also like to know what to do in such cases... I don't really
> know how to proceed on situations like this... 

Easy :
- you get some information about the maintainer (you see if he has many
  outstanding bugs, how old the bugs are, you check the last seen
  field on db.debian.org (you need to authenticate to get the info))
- you mail mia-<loginofthemaintainer>@qa.debian.org
  (mia-foof@qa.debian.org is this case) explaining all what
  you learned. You may announce your intent to NMU in the same mail.
- you cc the maintainer in any case to let him a chance to react
- you forward any answer from the maintainer to
- you may also forward the dinstall message saying that the NMU has been
  installed ...

In that case, the maintainer hasn't been seen since :
Tue, 03 Oct 2000 22:15:29 on debian-devel@lists.debian.org
Message ID: 20001003181516.B23794@eyeofdog.com

There's 7 seven bugs, 2 of them are RCB which are both older than 250
days !

So, yes, he's probably not active. And gnu-smalltalk is his only package
(well, there's gnu-smalltak-doc but it's in the same source package).

Given the facts you have three choices :
- upload your NMU right now and leave it to tbm to orphan the package
- wait a week for an answer of the maintainer, and then if you don't
  have any, just hijack the package (or orphan it if you don't want to
  maintain it)
- you could also wait a few days before uploading your package but since
  nothing happened in more than a year, i doubt it would change anything

> I did not contact the maintainer, btw, don't know if it would
> make things better, anyway...

I cced him, we'll see what he has to say. Alex, are you still active ?
Would you mind if someone else took over the maintenance of gnu-smalltalk ?


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