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Re: How to make things change - need some help

Le Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 12:01:17PM +0100, Martin Michlmayr écrivait:
> I'm really glad that this is possible now.  However, I wonder if this
> should really be hosted at packages.qa.d.o.  Why cannot it be
> integrated with the normal control@bugs bot?  After all, this is a
> bugs issue.  I'm a bit worried about too many services at different
> places being created since maintainers might get confused where to
> find what.  IMHO it would be natural to look for this feature at
> bugs.debian.org.  

Several points in my answer. First the « Package Tracking System » (yes,
that's its new name that Roland Mas suggested me) is not only to get BTS
mails but it will be extended to get dinstall mails and possibly other
mails (summary mails we could send from time to time to give some
figures abour the package's state). There's a mailable address that can
be used to contact the persons who are interested in the package and who
may help in case of problem. We wouldn't have anything like that if it
was directly integrated in the BTS (yes we could add that but it would not
be required for the "subscription service").

And last but not least, it would be way more complicated to integrate it
nicely in the BTS.

> Also, I thought doogie and Andrew Suffield were
> working on this feature already (including subscription to specific
> bugs).

I asked doogie ages ago about a subscription service, and I guess you
can wait much more until it's done.

Anyway, "package subscription" and "bug subscription" is not the
same thing.

> Have you coordinated with them?  I hope there's no duplication
> of effort.

I have coordinated with Anthony Towns who co-{maintains,administers}
the BTS.

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