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Re: old ITAs

Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> writes:

> > I think it seems to me that the ITAers should get two weeks to confirm
> > their ITA.
> Is that really necessary? It costs probably less time to just rename it
> back to an ITA if a developer still want to adopt, than to respond to
> your mail.

That doesn't deal with the case of a collision.  If a developer really
still intends the ITA, but can't respond in one day because they are
(say) out of town or otherwise busy, it would be bad to mark it O.
Sure, they could re-ITA it, but in the interim, someone else may have
started work, and a collision gets created. 

The ITA functions as a lock, and you should avoid stealing locks

> BTW: please note that some packages will have to be renamed to RFA
> instead of O.

Yes, thanks for the reminder.

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