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Good idea!

Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> I intend to rename all ITP's that haven't had any activity in the last
> 100 days to RFP's. Any objections?

including or excluding SPAM? :)

> The bugs that will be renamed are approximately (my local bts mirror is
> a few days out of date) the following: (the filed and changed numbers
> are the dates of opening and last change of the bug, in days before today)

You know what?  The list is sick, purely sick.

You should probably inform each submitter as well.  This could be
considered as reminder for him as well as a way to intervene if he's
still working on it/gave up or whatever, so he could retitle or
reopen the bug report.

You may also take these comments into account.  I haven't checked
if the person who sent an ITP is also working on them.  That's left
to you for practice. :))  If they're not equal the bug should probably
be retitled, if not then not but the submitter probably should receive
a reminder.

(sidenote: mail sent to nnn-submitter@bts is also publically logged
in the bts, so no need to send a mail to nnnn-submitter@bts and

> The following ITP's will be renamed to RFP's
> ============================================
> squeak                                #68122, filed: 1168, changed 1168

You can get the newest Debian packages from

> openoffice                            #74715, filed:  457, changed  109

Being worked on.

> gnu-pop3d                             #75696, filed:  444, changed  444

Contact Shaleh, I seem to recall he waited for an upstream release or
something.  We already had that package but it was abandoned later.

> sapdb                                 #88988, filed:  311, changed  305

Eckes is/was working on it.

> subversion                            #97234, filed:  247, changed  247

ITP'er about to retract the ITP, so go.

> openoffice                           #101762, filed:  207, changed  109

Ehm, didn't we have that already?

> apache2                              #103471, filed:  194, changed  194

DanielS and thom are/were working on it.



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