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At Mon, 14 Jan 2002 22:35:11 +0100,
Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> I intend to rename all ITP's that haven't had any activity in the last
> 100 days to RFP's. Any objections?
> The bugs that will be renamed are approximately (my local bts mirror is
> a few days out of date) the following: (the filed and changed numbers
> are the dates of opening and last change of the bug, in days before today)
> The following ITP's will be renamed to RFP's
> ============================================

> ptl                                   #68181, filed: 1169, changed 1169

I did not do ITP for it, but I know this package well. And I know ptl
does not work current gcc and glibc. If someone want to work threading
with ptl on novel linux environment, it needs a lot of hacks.  In this
case, I think it should be withdrawn and to be changed with wishlist.
If no one objects it, then I will change ITP/RFP -> W.

-- gotom

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