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MIA maintainer and NMU of package

Hello list!

[please CC me, I tried to subscribe but didn't get a confirm
mail yet]

a friend told me that the gnu-smalltalk was too old on unstable,
I went to check this out and found out that its maintainer is
MIA since Oct 2000 and decided to do some QA on the package...

I have an NMU ready, wich probably[1] fixes all the outstanding
bugs on the package... I suggest that this package is marked
as orphaned (as well as all other packages maintained by this

I'd also like to know what to do in such cases... I don't really
know how to proceed on situations like this... I really think
maintainers wich are MIA for that long should be considered
as not-developers....

I did not contact the maintainer, btw, don't know if it would
make things better, anyway...


[1]: there's a bug related to alpha that I don't know if is
fixed and the patch on the bug report does not apply to the
source, it changed a lot and the file in which the bug is doesn't
even exists in the same place, I'll mail the submitter about this

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