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Re: QA logbook

Hi Colin, 

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 06:13:28PM +0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> Martin (Joey) Schulze and I were talking on IRC about how to make QA
> work more public. Joey was looking for something he could report in DWN
> about QA's progress and the progress of the release, partly because good
> QA is something the project should be talking about, partly to help get
> new people interested and generally improve and speed up QA, and partly
> because seeing progress is a good way to improve morale (at least I know
> it's good when I can see my bug count go down).

Indeed. But OTOH this looks like a major time hog for me. Even discussing
how to implement this can take a lot of time from our fellow developers. 
Not that I am against it, but I think we would need something to report
on first.

> acknowledgements of what they've done. Debian QA could especially
> benefit from this since some parts of QA work feel a bit anonymous - you
> don't have the direct feedback of your maintainer bug count dropping.

Yes, right.

> I think it would be useful to keep an informal log of what QA do on a
> day-to-day basis. The implementation details aren't too important for
> now, but they could be anything from a world-writeable file on pandora
> through an editable weblog to something kept in CVS somewhere. Joey
> could then use that in DWN or we could use it on the QA web pages.

I would be all for a mail daemon. Perhaps we could have a flag in the
changes files to flag uploads by QA or something to make that mostly 
automatic. We have to write the changelogs anyway...

> The sort of things we might want to report on could be:
>   * "fixed/downgraded n bugs in the base system"
>   * "triaged a ton of bug reports, worked out they don't affect woody"
>   * "moved all QA packages to packages@qa"
>   * "fixed 30 bugs in orphaned packages"
>   * "look at the RC bug graph dropping like a stone! [link]"

Problem is somebody had to do this stuff before we can report it...

> Adrian's task list might be a good place to start.
Where was it again?


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