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Re: MIA maintainer and NMU of package

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002 12:32:30 +0100
Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:

> Easy :
> - you get some information about the maintainer (you see if he has many
>   outstanding bugs, how old the bugs are, you check the last seen
>   field on db.debian.org (you need to authenticate to get the info))
ok, I did this...

> - you mail mia-<loginofthemaintainer>@qa.debian.org
>   (mia-foof@qa.debian.org is this case) explaining all what
>   you learned. You may announce your intent to NMU in the same mail.
I knew about this, but I thought only qa people should send mails

> - you cc the maintainer in any case to let him a chance to react
do that next time

> Given the facts you have three choices :
> - upload your NMU right now and leave it to tbm to orphan the package
>   later
I'll do this one, I don't know if I'll have time to Debian in coming
weeks so better do what I can now... I don't want to hijack the package
because I don't use it, I was just doing QA, as I said

thank you!


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